Providing an Integrated Mobility Lens Across the Ecosystem

Mobility Solutions for Cities


Deploying smart infrastructure, such as IoT sensors and edge computing, to enhance citizen safety and security, to improve access to transportation, and to reduce congestion and vehicle emissions.

Mobility Solutions for Transportation Providers

Transportation Networks

Leveraging new technologies, including dynamic routing and telematics, to better balance transportation supply and demand while optimizing fleet management and utilization to improve business economics.

Mobility Solutions for Infrastructure Providers

Hardware Providers

Prioritizing development investments to enable the broader ecosystem with connectivity, sensing, data ingestion, storage, analysis, and distribution while improving costs and performance.

Mobility Solutions for Technology Companies

Technology Providers

Disrupting industries and enabling new business models to move people and goods with technologies such as AVs, big data, drones, edge computing and AI, while enhancing customer experiences.



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